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Defense Civilian Training Corps (DCTC)

Scholar Perspectives

Hear from DCTC Scholars Directly

“The ability to collaborate with other students within the DCTC program has allowed me to meet new people and gain new perspectives on the functions of the United States government. I believe that our contributions as a cohort will leave an impact on our country, as the DCTC program provides us the opportunity to dedicate our work toward being a good public servant.”

North Carolina A&T State University

"I want to work within the government and support the warfighter. The scholarship and stipend were a huge bonus and an important part of my decision to pursue the DCTC program. This program helps students obtain a security clearance and exposes them to the various opportunities that the DOD has to offer.“

Purdue University

“Joining DCTC has been eye opening. I didn’t expect to find such a sense of community. I’ve heard people talk about diversity, equity, and inclusion and now I really understand what that means. Now that I’ve been in the DCTC class, I see all of these other majors and I’m learning perspectives I never would have thought about.”

University of Arizona

"Until now I have been unable to obtain an opportunity from USA Jobs and was contemplating shifting from the public sector to the private sector when my academic advisor introduced me to this upcoming DCTC program that would give me the greatest opportunity to serve as a public servant.”

Virginia Tech